Nobel Fiasco

By David L. Phillips
Thursday, September 17, 2020

The Trump Campaign is using Facebook to herald Trump’s nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. Winning the Prize is a big deal; getting nominated – not so much.

Each year, 600 to 700 people are nominated. Joseph Stalin was nominated twice; Adolph Hitler was also nominated. Many politicians have sought validation from the Nobel Committee.
In the words of a Norwegian official who commented off-the-record, “Nominations are not taken seriously by anyone, in particular the committee.” Parliamentarians, jurists, officials, university chancellors, professors, and representatives of peace research institutes are eligible to nominate. However, the most consequential nominations come from previous recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize. Trump was nominated by two right wing legislators from Scandinavian countries.
Trump’s surrogates are undertaking a campaign to influence the Nobel Committee. Lobbying for the Prize is strictly taboo.
Trump can win the Prize by mediating a sustainable peace agreement between Israel and Palestine with mutual recognition at its core.
Mr. Phillips is Director of Columbia University’s Program on Peacebuilding and Rights. He worked previously at the Peace Research Institute, Oslo.