Peace and Development Initiative/Kintha
Sittway, Myanmar
  • Kyaw Hsan Hlaing
    Executive Director
    AHDA Fellow, 2017, 2019

    The Peace & Development Initiative (Kintha) works for youth and communities in Arakan State to value diversity and learn to live in peace. The mission of PDI Kintha is to contribute towards building sustainable peace between communities in conflict in Arakan State.

    Volunteer Responsibilities

    The Executive Director and Program Manager of the organization will supervise student volunteer. Overall responsibilities of the volunteer will include capacity development and training. 

    Tasks include the following:

    Teaching and management

    • Provide teaching assistance to local teachers on human rights and peace & conflict. 
    • Help local teachers with co-teaching.
    • Mentor local teachers.


    Reporting and Proposal Development

    • Help director and consultant with activity narrative reporting and proposals.


    Short-term Outputs

    • Lead 48 hour long social science courses.
    • Assist local teachers. 
    • Contribute to the reporting and proposal development.



    The Peace & Development Initiative (Kintha) will provide space for student in guesthouse near the office.