International Organization for Migration, Land, Property and Reparations Division
Geneva, Switzerland
  • Sandra Orlovic
    Consultant on Transitional Justice
    AHDA Fellow, 2019

    IOM's Land, Property and Reparations Divison assists goverments to address severe human rights violations in the aftermath of natural disasters and protracted conflict situations giving technical support in providing reparations and restoring their housing, land and property rights

    Volunteer Responsibilities

    Under the supervision of the Global LPR Focal Point, and in accordance with the overall direction of the Director of DOE the Intern will have the following duties and responsibilities:

    • Follow media and other sources to identify and map stakeholders, events, initiatives, developments and publications relevant to transitional justice, reparations and HLP. 
    • Support the LPR team in development and production of research, policy, training and other materials. 
    • Support the LPR team in conducting research in variety of topics relevant for the Division. 
    • Support the LPR team in regards to visibility and social media engagement. 
    • Provide general administrative and logistic support for the division.