International Centre for Ethnic Studies
Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • Hasini Haputhanthri
    AHDA Fellow, 2015

    The International Centre for Ethnic Studies'  vision is contained in the desire for a world that celebrates diversity in all its multiple shades. The institution's goal is to contribute towards relevant rigorous intellectual traditions that recognize our common humanity, promote diverse identities, and generate ideas that inform and guide policies and institutes in order to promote justice, equity, and peaceful coexistence. The unique mission of ICES is to deepen the understanding of ethnicity, identity politics, conflict, and gender, and to foster conditions for an inclusive, just and peaceful society, nationally, regionally, and globally, through research, publication, dialogue, creative expression and knowledge transfer. 

    Volunteer Responsibilities

    • Research and generate materials (audio-visual, text, and other) for publication online (including ICES' online portal on Memory and Coexistence (
    • Develop conference proposald for funders. 
    • Improve ICES' online portal
    • Help coordinate conferences.