Myra Kraft Awards

The Myra Kraft Awards honor the memory of Myra Kraft, beloved wife of Columbia College trustee Robert Kraft. Myra Kraft devoted her professional career to philanthropic pursuits, touching lives across the world, from Boston to small towns in northern Russia to Israel to South America and beyond.

Prize for Superior Academic Achievement

This prize is awarded annually to the Columbia College student majoring in human rights who has the highest grade point average and a superior record of academic achievement in Human Rights.

Prize for Exceptional Practical Experience in Human Rights Advocacy

This cash prize is awarded to the Columbia College human rights student who submits the best proposal for a summer or term-time human rights internship, and is intended to be used to help defray the expenses of the internship. To apply, students should send this application form and supporting documentation to with the subject line Myra Kraft Prize no later than Friday, April 19th.

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Clara Beccaro, 2018
Felsher Brianne, 2018
Hannah Hollandbyrd, 2017
Eliana Kanefield, 2017
Ella Every-Wortman, 2016
Haley Zovickian, 2016