Alumni Highlight

Shibanee Sivanayagam
Thursday, September 12, 2019
ISHR congratulates Shibanee Sivanayagam on the upcoming launch of ADI MAGAZINE, a new quarterly literary journal on policy and global affairs. Shibanee is part of a small team led by Nimmi Gowrinathan that has been working to address the disconnect between the policy world and the populations who feel their impact most deeply. Through narrative journalism, commentary, and art, Adi Magazine celebrates voices often sidelined from mainstream western debates about foreign policy, creating a space for nuanced explorations of the world’s deepest challenges, insisting that political debates reflect lived experiences.  A free launch celebration is taking place on Thursday September 26th at the People’s Forum in NYC. It’ll be a fun evening of conversation, readings, music, food and drink. You can register to attend via Eventbrite
Shibanee graduated from Columbia with an MA in Human Rights Studies in 2018 and wrote her thesis on Tamil Nationalism and the Right to Self-Determination. Shibanee is currently pursuing a PhD in Anthropology at CUNY Graduate Center.