Summer Program


ISHR’s Human Rights Summer Program, developed in conjunction with the School of Professional Studies, emphasizes the interaction between human rights theory and practice and offers students the opportunity to explore human rights both inside and outside the classroom.

Throughout the summer, students are invited to attend discussions, trainings, performances, films, and other events that engage with the human rights community of New York City. Students also have the opportunity to learn from human rights practitioners through in-class guest lectures and optional site visits to human rights organizations.

Courses are offered at the graduate level and are open to non-degree, degree, and visiting students. Academic credit is awarded.

Previous coursework or knowledge of human rights is not required to enroll in the summer courses.

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Certification of Professional Achievement in Human Rights

For additional information, please refer to the human rights CPA page.

The certification program is ideal for professionals, graduate students, and advanced undergraduate students wishing to further their knowledge and understanding of human rights. Students in the certification program include those seeking to complement their training in other fields or disciplines, such as law, public health, or fundraising, development, etc.; individuals with academic or professional experience in human rights wishing to obtain more specialized knowledge through graduate-level study; and students preparing for further graduate study.

In order to receive the certification, students must complete the following requirements:

Students who successfully complete the 12 credit points of coursework with a grade of C or higher and obtain a minimum GPA of 3.0 will be awarded a certification of professional achievement.

The certification program may be completed in a single summer or two consecutive summers.

Students already enrolled in Columbia degree programs are not eligible to apply for the certification, but may still enroll in summer courses.