Women and Gender in Global Affairs



Women and Gender in Global Affairs (WGGA) is an interdisciplinary, international network of academic scholars and centers focused on women and gender in global affairs. Our definition of global affairs is broad: it encompasses many disciplines, from international relations to economics, public health to human rights and law. We are particularly focused on the social sciences and schools that prepare students for careers in public affairs – whether in government, the private sector or NGOs. Our goal is to foster stronger relationships across disciplinary and national partitions, provide a platform for information-sharing with respect to research and teaching, and, generally, promote common conversations that may eventually lead to collaborative projects. By strengthening connections among gender scholars, educators, advocates, and practitioners, facilitating collective learning and lesson-sharing with respect to teaching practices, supporting at-risk scholars, furthering research, reinforcing existing institutions and stimulating strategic innovation, WGGA seeks to respond to the backlash on gender studies and human rights, identifying new opportunities, ensuring the viability and sustainability of critical gender knowledge, and furthering the education of new generations of students and scholars who seek to promote gender equality.


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