2018 Human Rights Essay Contest Colloquium

Monday, April 9, 2018 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Winners of the Human Rights Essay Contest are invited to present their papers and discuss their human rights research with faculty and fellow students. Please join us and add your perspective to the discussion.

Confirmed Presenters:

"When Catholicism, Government, and Social Movements Come to Play: A Historical Comparison of Abortion Policy around the World and its Implications on Human Rights"

-Rowena Brenda Dealy Kosher, School of General Studies - Undergraduate

"Nakivale Refugee Settlement: An Analysis of UNHCR’s Three 'Durable' Solutions

-Rachel Jimenez, Columbia College - Undergraduate

"Is It Recording? Racial Bias, Police Accountability & Body-Worn Camera Activation Policies of the Ten Largest Metropolitan Police Departments in the USA"

-Julian Murphy, Columbia Law School - Graduate

"Violent or Victimized? Race, Gender, and the Rights of Male Migrants under the Global Refugee Regime"

-Genevieve Zingg, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences - Graduate

Presentations to be followed by Q&A session. Light lunch will be served.