ISHR Webinar: The Intersection of Arts, Human Rights & Social Change

Thursday, July 23, 2020 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

This webinar will explore the connections between the visual arts and human rights. Specifically, it will highlight how art has been used across several prominent human rights campaigns; from protest art to large-scale public installations. We will also discuss how the two fields intersect to catalyze social change in communities across the globe and inspire global human rights movements. In this interactive webinar, participants will also be introduced to a selection of artists, movements, and/or organizations working at this unique intersection. At the end of it, participants will aquiere a basic knowledge of the use of the visual arts as a tool for understanding how societies process, advance, and critically reflect upon human rights issues directly impacting them. 

This webinar is part of ISHR's Human Rights and Social Justice Training Series and is open to the public at no cost. It will later be followed by an in-depth, interactive workshop, which will examine additional strategies and equip participants with the tools to creatively engage their communities around advocacy on human rights issues through the visual arts. For more information on the upcoming workshop, please visit:

Webinar facilitated by Marissa Gutierrez-Vicario, Executive Director of Art and Resistance Through Education and Co-Chair of the Steering Committee of Human Rights Educators - USA.

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