Pedagogy and Projects Series: Teaching about and for Children’s Rights with Yvonne Vissing

March 5th, 1pm EST

The University and College Consortium for Human Rights Education (UCCHRE) presents the Pedagogy and Projects Series.

Dr. Yvonne Vissing will share her experiences of networking and research with scholars running child rights programs in the UK, Ireland, and Cyprus. The US is now the only UN state party not to have ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. What can we learn from our global child rights colleagues to integrate into our teaching about and for children’s rights in the United States?  

Yvonne Vissing PhD is a sociologist and Professor of Healthcare Studies and Founding Director of the Center for Childhood & Youth Studies at Salem State University.  Author of over a dozen books and hundreds of publications and presentations, she is an international expert in children's human rights.  She is the US child rights policy chair for Hope for Children's UN Convention on the Rights of the Child Policy Center, an international think-tank of child rights scholars located in Cyprus.  A former National Institute of Mental Health Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, she is on a variety of boards and committees, such as the Human Rights Council of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington, American Sociological Association and HREUSA.