“How to: Indigenous Governance and Diplomacy for the NOW”

A series of webinars
Tuesday, July 28, 2020
The Institute’s Indigenous Peoples Rights Program was pleased to participate in the initiative of indigenous leaders, media and support organizations. A series of webinars under the title “How to: Indigenous Governance and Diplomacy for the NOW” has been organized for July and August 2020 by The Gomaluku Podcast in collaboration with Tuomas Aslak Juuso (President of the Saami Parliament in Finland), DOCIP (Center for Documentation of Indigenous Peoples), Drumbeat Media and TV Indigena.
The series brings an impressive list of indigenous leaders in governance and diplomacy including experts, heads of indigenous governments, and other notables joining 1:1 conversations with Ghazali Ohorella to provide tangible actions Indigenous Peoples, Nations, organizations, experts, influencers, and individuals at large can take to go strong in their approaches on indigenous governance and diplomacy as we define the "new normal" and make a REAL difference.
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For the recorded webinar of 25 July 2020, click here