Advocate Highlight

Geoffrey Mayamba
Wednesday, May 13, 2020

2013 Advocate Geoffrey Mayamba is in a unique position to know the challenges faced by those who are or have been incarcerated in Zambia. At the age of 17, Geoffrey was arrested for his role as a lookout during a robbery. He served 10 years in prison. While serving his sentence, Geoffrey studied project planning and monitoring & evaluation. After an early release for good behavior, Geoffrey secured a position with a PEPFAR-funded project on HIV/AIDS. The project included research visits to prisons in Zambia–including the one where Geoffrey had served his sentence. In 2007, Geoffrey started the Prisoners Future Foundation, which provides legal aid services, human rights education, reintegration support, economic empowerment, and skill-development workshops to those who are or have been incarcerated in Zambia. Geoffrey says, “Prisoners are human beings and they need a true second chance. They need hope and they need to be encouraged. The fact that I had been down this path made me realize I needed to work for my colleagues so that they could enjoy their human rights.”