Advocate Highlight

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Kenedy Abor Owiti, 2017 HRAP participant, currently works as Support Assistant to the Office of the Co-Executive Directors at UHAI, the Eastern Africa Sexual Health and Rights Initiative. UHAI is the first indigenous and participatory African fund for Sexual and Gender Minorities and Sex Workers of Eastern Africa, and with over a decade of experience in the region.

Kenedy is passionate about human rights and social justice and is a firm believer of equality of all humans. He has over 10 years experience in the sector having worked with different Sexual and Gender Minorities and Sex Worker organisations and networks in the region, both in social justice, in behavioral research for the key and vulnerable populations (KVP’s), in organizational development (OD), and has served in various governance bodies for non profit organisations in Kenya.

Kenedy is an alumni and active member of the East African Human Rights Training Program (EAHRTP) – an affiliate of Equitas. He has studied Sociology and Political science and also holds a diploma in Project Planning and Management from the University of Nairobi in Kenya and  another in Monitoring and Evaluation from Amref International University.