Advocate Highlight

Isabella Mukankusi
Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Advocate Isabella Mukankusi is participating in the 2021-22 HRAP. She is the Legal and Advocacy Advisor at MyStory Initiative, a nongovernmental organisation based in Uganda that promotes human rights for persons with disabilities. She is passionate about justice and human rights, having trained as a lawyer. She is responsible for providing strategic direction and advice to the board, and provides legal support. She also works directly with grassroots communities on women’s and children’s rights. Having previously worked as the Legal Services Manager at Justice Defenders, Uganda, she led programs to increase access to justice for prisoners through legal education, training and practice, helped to set up the first legal aid clinic inside a maximum security prison in Uganda and advocated for reforms of the law of incarceration of mentally ill prisoners. She began her human rights career at Foundation for Human Rights Initiative where she worked on a European Union-funded project aimed at promoting access to justice for women and children in six districts.