Advocate Highlight

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

ISIMA University of Mexico invited 1993 Advocate Luis Felipe Polo to participate as a speaker in the "Third International Pedagogical Congress 2022" and in the "Third International Juridical Congress 2022" as part of their activities to celebrate its 25th anniversary. At the International Congress of Pedagogy, he spoke about "The Inclusion and Diversity as the Basis for an Intercultural and Sustainable Education for the Defense of Human Rights" and received from the National Governor of the Indigenous Peoples of Mexico the Cane of Peace in recognition of his work in defense of human rights. At the International Juridical Congress, he was the coordinator of a workshop with the theme "The Presumption of Innocence and Due Process as a Guarantee of Human Rights." He also participated in a conference titled "Justice and its Protection in Public International Law," where he presented the international mechanisms for the protection of human rights for the victims of the justice system for actions of impunity.