Advocate Highlight

Antonia Moreira
Thursday, February 9, 2023
Advocate Antonia Moreira is currently participating in the Human Rights Advocates Program (HRAP). She is the Director of Strategy at Atelier TRANSmoras Association in Brazil. 
Why did you apply to HRAP?
I applied to this program to gain experience, knowledge, and networking skills that will benefit my organization’s work. I believe in the projects we have been working on and have applied my skills to promote strategy, planning, branding, and communication within the organization. I now know that I am ready to contribute more to the trans community in Brazil, extend the reach of our impact nationally and regionally, and contribute more to discussions on our rights. This includes creating dialogue globally among people with different experiences, challenges, and perspectives. 
Tell us about your HRAP experience so far
First, I would like to comment on my peers and the other advocates in our cohort. I have never had another experience in which I learned this much from people with diverse backgrounds, challenges, and strategies they take from their unique experiences. The most valuable moments are when we understand one another's realities. Our exchanges have already opened my mind to other possibilities and paths for advocacy work that can take place when we work together on common issues. Although the reality of trans people is different across Brazil, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and South Africa, HRAP offers us the opportunity to find aspects in common. 
What are you looking forward to seeing/doing in NYC?
I am looking forward to networking globally by meeting other organizations, artists, and transpeople here in NYC that can support my continuous growth. 
What has surprised you so far?
The classes I am taking surprised me because of how great and different they are from one another. One is a lecture with many excellent readings. The other is a hands-on oral history class where we are learning how to leverage our work with oral history in our creative writing and performance. The course fits well with where I am at in life right now as I am finding myself as both an advocate and an artist. I am now understanding all the potential I have to build narratives creatively.