Advocate Highlight

Thursday, February 20, 2020
Michael Miiro is the Technical Advisor on HIV/AIDS, disability and sexual and gender-based violence for the Masaka Association of Persons with Disabilities Living with HIV&AIDS (MADIPHA).
He has trained village health teams, health workers, and police in sign language and held workshops about PWDs who are Living with HIV & AIDS as well as SGBV against PWDs.
He worked with the local government on anti-poverty initiatives such as obtaining a grant for PWDs to start village and loan revolving groups, and giving PWDs goats, chickens, vegetable seedlings and coffee seedlings to generate income at household level.
At the regional level, he worked with other stakeholders to lobby for changing policies that maintain exclusion and segregation of PWDs from society.
Michael holds a post graduate diploma in community-based rehabilitation from Kyambogo University-Kampala and a Bachelor of Adult and Community Education from Makerere University-Kampala. He attended the 2017 HRAP.