Advocate Musola Kaseketi Attends Global South Women’s Forum on Sustainable Development

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Musola Cathrine Kaseketi, a filmmaker from Zambia who participated in the 2013 Human Rights Advocates Program, was one of 50 women to attend the 2nd Annual Global South Women’s Forum on Sustainable Development. Held in Kigali, the forum seeks to ensure that gender equality is prioritized and localized in the Sustainable Development Goals and that meaningful, reciprocal communication channels are forged to facilitate the vital exchange that must occur between local and global actors.

Musola founded Vilole Images Productions in 2002, a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing the film industry in Zambia and using that platform to promote disability rights. Musola has directed three feature-length films - Suwi, Dreams of Forgotten Youth (2012) and Broken Hill Man (2013) - and trained dozens of Zambian filmmakers.

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