Alumni Spotlight

2010 Advocate Agnes Apea Atim Joins VVEngage Cohort
Wednesday, April 3, 2019

2010 Advocate Agnes Apea Atim was chosen by Vital Voices to join its inaugural VVEngage Cohort, which is made up of 22 women influencing and making policy from 17 different countries from around the world. Vital Voices launched the one-year fellowship to increase the capacity, decision-making power, and effectiveness of women leaders in public life.

As stated on the Vital Voices website: “Dr. Atim is a rural development specialist with proven expertise in decentralization policy, research and practice in Sub-Saharan Africa. She has significant understanding of fiscal decentralization, rural development financing, and decentralization practice and policy. She has worked as a rural development practitioner, policy analyst and consultant for over 20 years with various national, regional, and multinational organizations including the African Union, United Nations, Commonwealth, USAID, DFID, EU, and others. Dr. Atim is currently the Chairperson of the Local Government Finance Commission of Uganda. In this role, she focuses on fiscal decentralization and rural development. She advises the President and Government of Uganda on equitable national budget allocation and alternative financing for local governments. In addition to her government role, she is a women’s empowerment advocate and believes in social entrepreneurship as model for change. She founded Hope Development Initiative, a social business that provides agricultural inputs, loans and market linkages to over 10,000 women farmers in Northern Uganda.”


Photo Credit: Vital Voices