Another Injustice? Victims' Consultations on Case Against LRA's Dominic Ongwen

Watch the documentary by 2015 Fellow Okot Komakech Deo
Sunday, August 28, 2016
Congratulations to 2015 Fellow Okot Komakech Deo of Uganda on completing the documentary film Another Injustice? Victims' Consultations on the ICC Case Against LRA's Dominic Ongwen.
The film highlights the different perspectives of northern Uganda’s war victims’ on international justice in post conflict Northern Uganda. It reveals the divergent opinions held by victims and survivors on questions of command responsibility, forgiveness, punishment and reintegration. It explores the complexities of victimized child soldiers who become perpetrators of atrocities in the Lord's Resistance Army.
Deo is a Research and Documentation specialist focused on post conflict/war development and community empowerment. Deo works at the Refugee Law Project (RLP), which is affiliated with the School of Law at Makerere University. He works promoting awareness regarding ongoing debates about truth, reconciliation, and accountability monitoring.
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