Apply to the Spring 2026 Human Rights Advocates Program (HRAP)

Saturday, April 20, 2024

The Human Rights Advocates Program (HRAP) is now open for applications to the Spring 2026 program. 

Founded in 1989, HRAP leverages the resources of Columbia University and those offered by NYC as a hub of NGOs and international organizations to provide human rights advocates with academic, skill-building, mentoring, and networking opportunities. Through seminars, participation in University courses, and workshops led by staff from leading human rights organizations as well as meetings with policymakers and funders, advocates share their experiences, reflect critically on their work, and plan future campaigns. 
More than 350 advocates from nearly 100 countries have attended the program since it was created in 1989. The cumulative reach of HRAP participants is extraordinary: alumni have worked with organizations whose memberships range from the thousands to the millions. They can be found at prominent human rights organizations, serving in their national governments and at the UN, teaching at universities around the globe, and serving on the frontlines of human rights in an effort to make a more just and peaceful world.
Please go to the Admissions page to apply.
The deadline for application is Friday, July 12th, 2024.