Call by the United Confederation of Taíno People for help in Puerto Rico

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Program of ISHR has been informed of a call for help launched by United Confederation of Taíno People to help community members in Puerto Rico.

Category 4 Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico just days after it was already suffering from the impacts of Hurricane Irma. The people of Borikén (Puerto Rico) are now living through the largest natural disaster that the island has faced in nearly a century.

In the wake of the hurricane, nearly half of Puerto Ricans have been left without clean drinking water, 95% are without power, and 80% of crops were destroyed. Without clean drinking water, people will soon begin to get sick from dehydration and disease.

Given the growing number of requests from community members needing assistance, the United Confederation of Taíno People (UCTP) has decided to launch our own initiative to gather funds and resources for families that still need critical assistance during this early phase of recovery efforts.

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