Fellow Highlight

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

AHDA alumna (2019) Dorcas Francis organized and led training on the topic of Dialogue on Tribalism with four groups of secondary school students in Juba, South Sudan in February 2021. 

The project was implemented under the initiative  by The Advocates for Human Rights and Democracy (TAHURID) with the support of the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience.
TAHURID, is a nonprofit entity formed in 2017 by activists who are South Sudanese lawyers dedicated to advancing and protecting the human rights of the people in South Sudan through educating on human rights principles and democratic concepts. TAHURID implemented this project targeting  groups of young people because they are the largest group in the country. Young people  are often indoctrinated into tribal prejudices and become perpetrators of violence against other ethnic communities due to doctrines and stereotypes that are handed down by their respective communities and leaders. These have often contributed negatively to peaceful coexistence of the institutions of learning and the communities they live in, besides, it has a huge negative impact on the country’s development. TAHURID believes working with these groups will create entry points towards an informed community who can live above tribal bigotry, and peacefully coexist among themselves, even in the face of conflicts.