ICC's Trust Fund for Victims

Watch Felipe Michelini's Columbia presentation now!
Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Felipe Michelini, a board member of the International Criminal Court's Trust Fund for Victims, spoke at Columbia University on November 22nd about the role of the Fund as well as the challenges given the ICC's link to the fund. 

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Prof. Michelini attended the Human Rights Advocates Program in 1990 and graduated from Columbia Law School in 1992. Prof. Michelini is an attorney and professor specialized in Human Rights and International Justice. He is the Honorary Commissioner for the Working Group for Truth and Justice, Uruguay. He co-wrote the book “An Introduction to International Law on the Protection of Human Rights" (FCU, 2012). He is a former Congressman, former Under-Secretary of State/Vice Minister for Education and Culture, and Former Acting Minister for Education and Culture, Uruguay (2005 - 2009). During his youth, he was actively involved in the students’ movement and worked within different civil society organizations.

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