Indigenous Peoples and Borders: Publication funding award from Columbia's Office of University Seminars

Monday, October 24, 2022
ISHR was just informed that Columbia's University Seminars Committee has awarded  $5,000 towards publication costs of our book that Duke is publishing next year on Indigenous Peoples and Borders. The book is co-edited by Prof. Sheryl Lightfoot and Prof. Elsa Stamatopoulou. It contains fourteen chapters, has an interdisciplinary approach, and puts forward a global perspective from authors writing from around the world.  The relevant Committee of University Seminars responded to the application of Prof. Stamatopoulou for some funding assistance and was supported by the Co-Chairs of the University Seminar on Indigenous Studies. 
We welcome this award and the financial support, which will certainly be a positive contribution to the book. The book is the result of our 2019 international symposium at Columbia on “Indigenous Peoples and Borders: Decolonization, Contestation, Trans-border Practices”, cosponsored by a number of Columbia University departments, by the University Seminar on Indigenous Studies as well as other universities from Canada, Norway, and the USA, as well as two non-governmental organizations active in this field. 
We look forward to the book’s upcoming application next year!