Provost's Interdisciplinary Teaching Award: “Menstruation, Gender, and Rights: Interdisciplinary Approaches”

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Professor Winkler and fellows of the Menstrual Health and Gender Justice Working Group at the Center for the Study of Social Difference have received the Provost's Interdisciplinary Teaching Award to develop a course on “Menstruation, Gender, and Rights: Interdisciplinary Approaches” for Spring 2020.


Menstruation has emerged as a key entry point for current discussions on gender justice recognizing the body as foundational, urgent and politically relevant. This is why menstruation matters: it unites the personal and the political, the intimate and the public, the physiological and the socio-cultural. The course will examine different spheres of life, including health, education, equality in the work place, freedom of religion, and cultural rights. It will pay particular attention to the intersection of gender and other markers of inequalities, including disability, socio-economic status, age, caste, and gender identity.


The course will be co-taught by an interdisciplinary team, including