2016 Advocate Chhing Lamu Sherpa

2016 Advocate Chhing Lamu Sherpa works at the intersection of environmental conservation, gender, and indigenous rights. She is a founding member of the Just Nepal Foundation, an organization that promotes social justice among the Yolmo, Sherpa, and Tamang indigenous communities. She is also involved with Mountain Spirit, an NGO dedicated to improving livelihoods, protecting the environment, and conserving mountain culture through capacity building and education. Chhing was recently elected the chairperson
of Tewa, the country’s first and only women’s fund, supporting and raising the visibility of grassroots women’s groups across the country. In 2015, she served as advisor on the National Human Rights Council. Chhing is pictured with a Columbia University student from ISHR’s Student Volunteer Program, an initiative that has allowed students to volunteer with alumni of ISHR’s fellowship programs. This volunteer spent the summer assisting Chhing and the Mountain Spirit team with advancing indigenous rights and opportunities in Nepal.