Fellows' Projects

During their time at Columbia, fellows  design individual projects that address some aspect of a history of gross human rights violations in their society, country and/or region. These projects can take a range of forms (films, publications, curricula, textbooks, exhibits, oral histories, etc.) that reflect the wide professional diversity of the fellows themselves.

By the end of the semester, each fellow has developed a detailed proposal for a project that has been discussed and critiqued extensively. However, it is not until their return home that the real work begins. As alumni of the fellowship program, we are excited to see these historical dialogue projects come to life.

Click here for the descriptions of ongoing and completed projects of our AHDA alumni.

We hope these projects inspire others to take up issues related to the memory and history of mass violence, and its impact on contemporary societies. If you have questions about the work contained herein, please e-mail us at ahda@columbia.edu.