Frequently Asked Questions

This page addresses questions concerning the application process. Due to the number of applications we receive, we are not able to answer application questions individually. Please email questions not addressed below to AHDA strongly recommends completing your application well in advance of the application deadline. We will not be able to accept late applications, even in the event of technical problems.

Applicant Eligibility

  • The AHDA fellowship is an intensive, full-time program. ABD and Post-doctoral students are eligible to apply, but please be aware that the program is demanding and intensive and focuses on applied research and capacity building. This fellowship program is not geared toward the writing of the dissertation or other extensive research projects.

  • If you are not affiliated with an institution, you may still apply to the fellowship program. In the space that asks for organizational affiliation, write "independent". In lieu of an institutional letter of support, please upload a statement in which you explain your status as an independent employee. Given that during the program you will be developing a project proposal and exploring ways to build a network of historical dialogue practitioners in your home community, you should also include a few sentences about the organizations or people with whom would you would collaborate to implement your proposal and/or to collaborate with for future historical dialogue projects.

Timeline & Location

  • Please apply for the next fellowship cycle 2021-2022 (preliminary dates September 2021-May 2022,  dates and format are subject to change). The program reserves the right to make other needed changes.  The program is being planned as taking place online with the possibility of in-person component if conditions permit.   



  • Letters may be addressed to The Institute for the Study of Human Rights, The Alliance for Historical Dialogue and Accountability, or "To whom it may concern," and they can be uploaded as part of your application. Letters must be written on official letterhead and/or include the signature of the writer.

  • You may select anything you like as your password. However, ISHR recommends that you choose a password that is different from any that you use elsewhere. Your connection to our server is not a secure connection, so it is possible – though quite unlikely – that your password can be intercepted. By choosing a unique password, you reduce your risk, in the very unlikely event this occurs.

  • Your application does not save automatically. Be sure to click "Save Draft" at the bottom of the page when you are finished making updates. This allows you to leave your application and return to it, and protects against unexpected interruption.
    It is advised you make periodical saves when working on the application for extended periods of time to prevent against losing data in the unlikely case of a temporary network outage. If your internet connection is not strong, it is recommended you keep a copy of your typed answers in a personal text file in case of connection loss. 
  • You may continue to edit to your application until the submission deadline. Please take the following steps to review or edit your completed form:
    1. Log in to the ISHR website using your username and password.
    2. You will automatically be directed to your personal user page that contains a link to your application. Alternatively, you can access your application by clicking the Start/Resume Application link in the lefthand AHDA menu.
    After the deadline, neither you nor AHDA can make further changes to your application. Be certain to review your application before submitting.
  • Use the “reset password” link to have a new password emailed to you. You should also ensure that your browser accepts cookies. If those options do not succeed, you are likely having internet access problems and may need to try a different browser or computer.

  • While new recommendation letters are not required, they may be desirable so that the referee can speak to work you have done in the past year. A renewed and updated letter of institutional support is required.

  • You are missing at least some required information, either a question the form or a required document. Please look through the application for incomplete fields with a red asterisk. Fields with a red asterisk are required and must be complete for a successful submission. Once you click submit, you will be directed to a review page. Please review and click submit again. You should then be directed to "Submission Successful" screen.