Our Fellows

2021-2022 marks the 10th year of the AHDA fellowship program. Since 2012, the fellowship has hosted at least 107 fellows who represent over 48 countries and territories. Below please find information regarding the professional interests and accomplishments of fellows and alumni. While at Columbia, fellows design individual projects that address some aspect of a history of gross human rights violations in their society, country, and/or region.

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Claudia Gonzalez, 2021
United States
Gabriela Guzman Garza, 2021
Espérance Chantal Gatore
Espérance Chantal Gatore, 2015
Raba Gjoshi
Raba Gjoshi, 2014
Asena Günal
Asena Günal, 2014
Nataša Govedarica
Nataša Govedarica, 2013